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Size and Color Options                  For Framing instructions, click HERE

  This print is available in the following Charcoal or Sepia tones.

  Charcoal                                                Sepia          

The print comes unmatted and unframed in the following sizes and prices:

             5 X 7            $ 20.00

             9.5 X 14        $ 55.00

            10.5 X 17      $ 75.00

            16 X 24.5      $ 175.00

            24 X 36         $ 275.00

**All prints are UNmatted and UNframed! 

I realize that custom framing can be expensive, so I have provided directions for matting and framing the print using ready-made frames, which you can buy at an establishment such as Hobby Lobby(watch for sales, because you should be able to get the frame at 50% off). 

You will also need to get a matt cut, so I have provided you with the exact opening and outside measurements so that you can have that done at an art supply store as well.  Most matt cutting is done for the price of the matt, but don't hold me to that.

Simply click below on the size of print you are purchasing and the directions for matting and framing that print will open so that you can print them.  The 16X24.5 print has two frame options.

5X7          9.5X14        
10.5X17           16X24.5 (for 24x30 frame  for 24x36 frame)       24X32


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